Western Sydney Parklands

Urban Farms

The Western Sydney Parklands’ Urban Farming Masterplan dedicates approximately 160 ha to urban farming - in the area adjacent to the M7 Motorway and The Horsley Drive, Horsley Park. Currently active urban farms cover 35.7 ha, with another 24.8 ha to commence soon.

The Farm Gate Trail

A farm gate trail will allow locals and visitors to buy fresh produce directly from growers. By introducing connected cycle ways people will be able to take a leisurely drive, cycle or stroll to market gardens. It will take some years before the trail is realised, however some farmers are already selling produce from their farms through road side stalls (Sun Fresh Farms and Westside Growers - Sokhoeun Lek, both on Ferrers Road).

This land was been farmed many years ago, but remained vacant until the land was activated through the Urban Farming Masterplan. The soil is good quality, and farming has been very successful.

Masterplan Long-Term Aims

  • To deliver more than 11 farming lots ranging in size from 5 to 31 ha.

  • To provide glasshouses, poly/greenhouses, market gardens, orchards and grove farming enterprises.

  • To preserve and enhance over 34 ha of bushland.

  • To create a tourism destination through a Farm Gate Trail.

The Benefits of Urban Farming

  • Allows produce to be grown in the Sydney basin.

  • Creates a tourism destination through a farm gate trail.

  • Activates previously unused space.

  • Provides profit from leases, which is then invested in public land.

Bike Trails

In partnership with Fairfield City Council, it is proposed to undertake track and streetscape works within the Farming Precinct. This will include cleaning up road verges, planting of street trees and construction of new walking and cycling tracks adjacent to roads that connect into the existing Parklands Track network and the M7 Shared Path.


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