Western Sydney Parklands

Our story

Western Sydney Parklands is a place for people of all backgrounds to meet, celebrate, learn, play and appreciate the environment. The Parklands will be a venue for communitites to create and manage a new sustainable future on the Cumberland Plain.

Western Sydney Parklands stretches 27 kilometres from Quakers Hill to Leppington, running through the Local Government Areas of Blacktown, Fairfield and Liverpool. The 5,280 hectare area is the largest urban parkland system in Australia, and one of the largest in the world. 

The Parklands corridor was first identified in the 1968 Sydney Region Outline Plan. At that time, government planners advocated that a major program was needed to acquire enough lands to satisfy the demand for an infrastructure corridor and regional open space. In November 2006, the NSW Government introduced the Western Sydney Parklands Act to Parliament, setting out the boundaries and establishing a Trust to manage the majority of lands within the Parklands.

The Trust formalised its 10-year vision for the enhancement of the Parklands in the 2010 Plan of Management, which states the Parklands be: 

  • 40% dedicated to bushland
  • 25% sport and recreation 
  • 22% long term infrastructure such as water storage and electricity easements 
  • 10% urban farming 
  • 2% business hubs 
  • 1% tourism. 

The Trust is now executing the Plan of Management vision and investing significant resources to create a world class Parklands for all of Western Sydney to enjoy.


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