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Local Heroes: Tona & Ketty Inthavong - Green Peppercorn

The Inthavong family are true Western Sydney Local Heroes!

Brother and sister Tona and Ketty started their Green Peppercorn restaurants in Fairfield and Blacktown to share the vibrant flavours of Thailand and Laos.

The family migrated to Australia from Laos via a Thai refugee camp more than 30 years ago. They brought their love for food and culture,their new home in Sydney, with big plans to bring people together to experience it with them.

Ketty and Tona get their inspiration from their parents Khamvao and Kambo, whose journey through Laos and Thailand is reflected in their menus at Green Peppercorn. Be warned though – Khamvao’s famous sauce goes with any dish and is said to be addictive!

Meet this dynamic duo at Parklands Food Fest and see if you can resist that famous sauce...


Website www.greenpeppercorn.com.au

Fairfield Restaurant

Facebook: @greenpeppercornfairfield

Instagram: @greenpeppercorn

Blacktown Restaurant

Facebook: @greenpeppercornblacktown

Instagram: @greenpeppercornblacktown


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