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Western Sydney Parklands

Wylde MTB Trail Markers

Look out for these signs on the Trail to guide you:





Moderate fitness and skill.

Gentle climbs and descents, with obstacles such as rocks, gravel, bridges and pot holes.

Must have ridden a bike before using these trails.


More difficult, increased gradients and narrow trail, above average fitness and skill.

Challenging riding with steep slopes and obstacles. 

Possibly narrow trail or elevated skills park with poor traction.  

Requires off road riding experience.


VERY difficult, tight winding trail, loose, irregular surfaces and steep hills, high level of fitness and skill.

These trails and skills tests have a mixture of long steep descents, loose trail surfaces, numerous natural and human-made obstacles, including jumps, ramps, elevated features, berms drops rocks and other terrain variations.

Requires off road riding experience.


Arrow direction for trail ahead.


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