Western Sydney Parklands

Sugarloaf Ridge and Moonrise Lookout

A beautiful area to stop for a breath of fresh air - Moonrise Lookout, with its views of Western Sydney and the Sydney City skyline - and Sugarloaf Ridge, with a unique elevated knoll that’s lovely for picnics with a view. From both of these spots there are a number of bush and open tracks for bush walking and bird watching.

Entrance Access is from Saxony Road, Abbotsbury, NSW

Map of The Parklands

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What's at Sugarloaf Ridge?

Picnic Shelters: The handful of picnic shelters and picnic benches at Sugarloaf Ridge are all free of charge and available on a first-come first-served basis. (Picnic shelters at other Parklands’ picnic grounds are available for hire.)

Barbecues: BYO barbecues and portable gas barbecues are permitted. There are no electric barbecues and heat bead or coal barbecues are not permitted.

Barbecues are not permitted during a TOTAL FIRE BAN.

Parking: There is no formal parking at this site but there is plenty of on-street parking on Border Road at the Sugarloaf Ridge entry.

Toilets: Toilet facilities, including accessible toilets, are available at this location.


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