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  • Business

    The Western Sydney Parklands Trust is a self-funded Government agency. Maintaining and expanding the Parklands' excellent facilities is an important aspect of the Trust's core business. Business hubs, located on... Read more

  • Get Active

    The Western Sydney Parklands is an ideal place to explore and get the heart-rate up! The beautiful bushland surrounds and convenient paths, open areas and facilities, combine to make... Read more

  • Entertainment

    The Parklands is also home to an incredible range of venues and attractions offering everything from a drive-in movie, to action-packed motorsports and thrill-a-minute water slides! If food and... Read more

  • The Plan of Management

    The Minister for Western Sydney adopted the Parklands Plan of Management 2020 on 25 January 2011.  The Parklands Plan of Management 2020 Supplement was adopted by the Minister for... Read more

  • Contact Us

    *Western Sydney Parklands Trust* Business hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm *Phone:* (02) 9895 7500  *Fax:* (02) 9895 7580 Sat-Sun and Public Holidays, 8am-5pm: phone 0459 883 834 to talk to one of our... Read more

  • Sugarloaf Ridge and Moonrise Lookout

    A beautiful area to stop for a breath of fresh air - Moonrise Lookout, with its views of Western Sydney and the Sydney City skyline - and Sugarloaf... Read more

  • Access to Information

    *On 1 July 2010, the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) replaced the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (FOI).* Government Information Public Access (GIPA) is the right to information... Read more

  • Shale Hills

    Shale Hills is a quiet, low-key area, with a variety of sealed walking loops and cycle tracks leading to a wetland and dam viewing area.  *Entrance* Entries to Shale... Read more

  • Nurragingy Reserve

    Nurragingy Reserve is a beautiful place for a picnic, with several picnic areas and wood-fired barbecues scattered throughout the bushland. It also makes a lovely spot for a wedding... Read more


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