Western Sydney Parklands

Future Directions Paper

Consultation on the Future Directions Paper (FDP) is now closed. Consultation will commence on the next stage, the Draft Plan of Management 2030, in November 2017.

What is the Future Directions Paper?

The Western Sydney Parklands Act 2006 requires that a Plan of Management (PoM) be prepared for all lands within the Parklands, including those owned and managed by other government agencies.

Originally prepared in 2010/2011, the PoM 2020 is currently being reviewed. The first step of the review was to prepare a Future Directions Paper (FDP) to set the direction for revising the PoM. In the FDP, there are ten principles relating to the management of the Parklands. Between August and September 2017, we asked park users, the community and stakeholders to give us their opinions and feedback on the principles and FDP.

What consultation took place on the Future Directions Paper?

Consultation for the FDP was undertaken between August and September 2017 and included:

  • Stakeholder Focus Group Workshops with government agencies and local businesses. The stakeholder workshops were designed to receive feedback on the potential benefits/opportunities, and identify potential issues and gaps in the FDP.
  • Community information stalls. Stalls were at the Parklands Food Fest and popular locations in the Parklands including Lizard Log, Bungarribee Park, Plough and Harrow and at Liverpool Westfield. Our project team directly interacted with park users of all age groups to collect a broad range of views.
  • 2,000 postcards. We sent 2,000 postcards to our neighbours in the Blacktown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Penrith and Cumberland local government areas, to encourage participation.
  • Newspaper Advertisements. We placed advertisements in local newspapers such as the Blacktown Advocate; Liverpool Leader; Fairfield Advance; The Future (Arabic Newspaper); Australian Chinese Daily; and Dan Viet Newspaper; to let people know how to submit their views via phone, email and online.
  • Online forms and surveys. Submissions were made through the Trust’s website and social media channels for the duration of the consultation period.

Key themes from FDP consultation

Feedback was particularly strong on the importance of natural bushland and green space, and facilities for outdoor activities. Requests have included:

  • Better connections to the Parklands, including public transport links and shuttle buses;
  • Better promotion of the Parklands and awareness of facilities and events;
  • Increased tourism and adventure opportunities;
  • More cycling and walking tracks;
  • More parking;
  • Creating educational experiences
  • Encouragement of healthy, active lifestyles
  • School tree planting, activities and excursions;
  • Shared uses such as schools and childcare;
  • Increased barbeque facilities;
  • Quiet areas for picnics and relaxing;
  • Café and food outlets;
  • Facilities for teenagers; and
  • Children’s play equipment.

This feedback will help inform the Draft Plan.

Who took part in the consultation for the FDP?

Over 548 people participated in providing their input and feedback during this first stage.

  • Around 300 people came along to the Community Information Stalls to talk to the team to find out more.
  • Around 14 people attended the Focus Group Workshops.
  • Around 226 people provided comments through the online feedback form, surveys or written submissions.

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