Western Sydney Parklands

A Floral Story from the Cumberland Plain Woodlands

4 May 2018

Vanilla Lily

The Vanilla Lily, Arthroprdium milleflorum, is one of many native plants living on the Cumberland Plain. Its dainty flowers have blue-lilac petals and hang from spikes that protrude above its strappy green foliage. En masse, this lily makes a spectacular display, particularly in the dappled light of a eucalypt forest and when swaying in a gentle breeze.

Named for its delicate vanilla scent, flowers bloom between the colder months of autumn to spring. The tubers of the Vanilla Lily are traditionally used as a food source by some Aboriginal groups. They are eaten raw or roasted and some say they have a sweet taste.

Western Sydney Parklands are committed to preserving and regenerating the Cumberland Plain Woodlands under its care to ensure the future protection of species like the Vanilla Lily.


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