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  • Site Safety and Risk Management

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer must provide a risk assessment identifying the hazards of an event site and how they can be controlled to minimise the potential... Read more

  • Traffic Management Plan

    Where required the event organiser, promoter or hirer must provide a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety and management during an event, including the bump... Read more

  • Waste Management Plan

    Large-scale public events can generate a high volume of disposable materials. A waste wise event incorporates purchasing and packaging policies, waste and recycling collection systems, and clean-up practices that... Read more

  • Next Steps

    The Trust assesses each event on its merits, to determine if it is appropriate for the Parklands. The following steps apply:  1. The event organiser, promoter or hirer submits... Read more

  • Plan Your Visit

    Western Sydney Parklands is a place to meet, celebrate, learn, play, exercise, and appreciate the beautiful natural environment. The Parklands stretches 27 kilometres from Quakers Hill to Leppington, running... Read more

  • Solve your dog dilemmas with free expert advice at Woof-fest

    Australia’s leading dog trainers, Farmer Dave Graham and Ryan Tate will help you tackle your pet problems with free expert training tips and advice at Woof-fest, Sydney’s most popular... Read more

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