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  • Fees and Charges

    The Trust charges venue hire fees and charges for holding events in the Parklands. The fees provide revenue to assist with ongoing maintenance and improvements. Venue hire fees and charges depend... Read more

  • Event Applications

    All applicants are encouraged to review the information available on our website before completing an Event Application Form.  Download ourEvent Application Form for a Major Event[[sitetree_link,id=]] (all commercial events or... Read more

  • Event Organiser's Toolkit

    The Event Organiser’s Toolkit provides guidelines for event organisers, promoters or hirers holding an event in Western Sydney Parklands.  According to the size of your event, some or all... Read more

  • Amusement Devices

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer must comply with the Amusement Devices Compliance Guide if providing amusement devices such as jumping castles and rides as part of their event.  For... Read more

  • Charity Events

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer is responsible for obtaining an Authority to Fundraise from the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGA) for all charitable fundraising activities.  To be... Read more

  • Communications (external)

    Depending on the scale of the event the following organisations will need notification about the event:  • NSW Police Local Area Command, all event organisers must send a notice... Read more

  • Copyright approvals

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer is responsible for obtaining all relevant copyright licences from:  Australasian Performing Rights Association Ltd (APRA)  http://www.apra.com.au/Forms/EventLicenceApplication/event-licence-application.htm  and/or Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited (PPCA)  http://www.ppca.com.au/music-users-/apply-for-a-licence/  The event organiser,... Read more

  • Event Management Plan

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer must provide an Event Management Plan (EMP) which includes a detailed production schedule, site plan, run-sheet and communications plan. For more information, guidelines... Read more

  • Fencing

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer is responsible for providing all temporary fencing/barricades for an event site. Any proposed installation of temporary fencing/barricades must be included in the Event... Read more

  • First Aid/Medical Plan

    The organiser, promoter or hirer must provide a comprehensive medical plan to manage any medical incidents which may occur during an event.  For more information, download this first aid... Read more


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