Parklands Projects

Southern Parklands Vision

The Trust has been undertaking targeted engagement with the community on a draft vision for the Southern Parklands, through an online survey, community intercept activities in locations next to the Southern Parklands and at the Wylde mountain bike trail, and a number of small community meetings. This part of the process has now closed and the feedback provided by participants, as well as technical studies that have been done, will now be used to inform the draft vision. 

This is just the start of the process. The Parklands Plan of Management (POM) is being updated in 2017 and the draft vision will be incorporated into the new POM. Community consultation about the planning of the Parklands will also be undertaken as part of the update of the POM and this is expected to occur in the first half of 2017. 

The section of the Western Sydney Parklands that is known as the Southern Parklands is the area south of Elizabeth Drive in Cecil Hills down to Bringelly Road in Leppington. View a map of the Southern Parklands. 

Abbotsbury Precinct Track Connections

Location: The Abbotsbury Precinct is located in the central part of Western Sydney Parklands encompassing Lizard Log picnic ground, The Dairy, Calmsley Hill City Farm and Plough and Harrow picnic ground off Elizabeth Drive.


Planning : Commencing July 2015 – February 2016

Construction: Stage 1 (Calmsley Hill City Farm to Plough and Harrow East) - April to June 2016

Description: The Western Sydney Parklands Trust has commenced planning works to improve pedestrian and cycling connectivity between key locations in the Abbotsbury Precinct with two new track connections. The first track (Stage 1) will open up the opportunity to walk or cycle between Calmsley Hill City Farm and Plough and Harrow East. The second track (Stage 2) will connect Plough and Harrow West to the existing connection to the Westlink M7 shared path on Elizabeth Drive. Construction of the tracks will be staged and delivered as funding is made available.

For more information: Download our Community Engagement Outcomes Report including Abbotsbury Precinct Project Boards (Appendix A) and Primary Communication Collateral (Appendix B - H) which were on show at our community consultations. 

Bungarribee Precinct Activation

Over the next five years $15 million will be invested into Bungarribee.

Location: Bungarribee is over 200 hectares and is located in the north section of the Parklands at Doonside. Bungarribee is bounded to the west by the M7 Motorway, to the south by the Great Western Highway and to the east by Doonside Road.

Description: The Plan of Management 2020 identified Bungarribee as a future emerging regional tourism, recreation and community hub, providing extensive facilities for the community of Western Sydney. The facilities at Bungarribee will include passive recreation, tourism and enterntainment, along wil extensive walking/cycling trail networks that link across Eastern Bungarribee Creeks and associated landscaping and signage.

Warrigal Run (the dog off leash area) will remain open during construction of the works.

Timing – Bungarribee will be delivered in the following stages:

Stage 1 - Complete

Sealing Bungarribee walking and cycling track between the Great Western Highway and Eastern Road.

Stage 2 - Complete

Construction of a new vehicular access road into Bungarribee at the intersection of Doonside and Holbeche Roads, including service relocation.

Construction of new parking, internal roads, walking and cycling tracks and associated landscaping.

Stage 3

Construction of BBQ and picnic facilties, regional playground, pathworks and associated landscaping.

Future stages to be confirmed subject to funding.

Further information: Email or call 9895 7500 during business hours. 

Catch a glimpse into the future of Bungarribee here:

Northern Parklands - Stage 2

Project Name: Northern Parklands Activation and Linking Stage 2 - Track Connections between Richmond Road and Power Street, Glendenning.

Location: Between Richmond Road and Power Street, Glendenning.

Timing – Planning: August – May 2015

Construction: October 2015 – November 2016 2016

Description: To build 4 km of new tracks, a new bridge to cross Eastern Creek, new entrances to the Parklands and improved landscaping.

Details: These works are Stage 2 of a broader plan to upgarde the existing track netwrok in the Parklands, including new trailheads, tracks to improve connections to the surrounding residential areas and to enhance the visitor experience of the Parklands track network. The works to the Northern Parklands will see the improvements to the north south track spine and create improved east west connections in this area of the Parklands.

The works include:

Richmond Road

  • New entry feature with seating beneath existing shade trees and additional way-finding signage.

Sealed 3.5 metre-wide north south connection from the proposed new bridge to Power Street.

New Track East - West Connection

  • Sealed 2.5 metre-wide track running east to west with new bridge connection over Eastern Creek.
  • More native plants at entries and revegetation to pockets of the Parklands.
  • Weed removal and planting program to the north eastern area near the minor entry on Richmond Road. 

Parklands Project Feedback

For more information, you can send an email to or call 9895 7500 during business hours.